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Technology changes the way we function. Incepted in 2016, We at "Smart Glass india" are engaged in manufacturing, trading and supplying qualitative array. Smart Glass India is one stop shop for all kinds of switchable glasses, switchable films, safety glasses, remote control films and many more. We can observe new technologies in our architecture as well. Glass has been used in our architecture as a building material for centuries. Development in glass industry has made it possible to bring focus on making structures that are unimaginable. With the invention of smart glass, the aesthetic and energy efficiency has increased. Smart Glass India is the leading producer and provider of smart glass; it transmits the light back from entering and creates balance in the inner atmosphere of buildings.

Smart glass is more than a pane of glass. It is a laminated glass product consisting of a LCD(Liquid crystal display) film sandwiched between two layers of glasses which are bonded by adhesive layers of EVA / PVB film. It operates by using electrical voltage which affects the alignment of the microscopic particles in the glass. The LCD film molecules are set to change the visual appearance of the glass from opaque to clear when electricity is applied on it. When the electricity is removed, the liquid crystals gets back to their normal scattered position which changes the state to opaque.

This electronically operated film not only looks impressive but also saves cost of heating, air conditioning, and lighting. Reduces the need of installing and maintaining blinds or curtains. Smart glass technology can be used in ships (royal cruises) / air craft windows, partitions, skylights, doors, windows etc. Smart glass changes its properties in response to a stimulus. It represents the category of glazing material with the following benefits:

  • Blended approach of smart and non-smart glazing.
  • Daylight harvesting.
  • Transforms the conventional windows into high performing windows.

This LCD film can control excessive heat and light by pressing a single button. This Smart film an interesting tool for engineers, contractors, architects and designers and opens up a lot of opportunities to explore.Smart Glass India will provide you with a product which can transform the design of your house, office or buildings and make it more attractive.

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