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Avail the best in quality safety films proffered by Smart Glass India.

Glasses are fragile. There are possibilities of casualties if glass is shattered. There are rules regarding the safety measures of glasses therefor, we have measures for safety standards which are to be followed. The solution for getting a safety from glasses is to get a safety film. SmartGlass India is the leading company, which deals with the best quality of safety film. • As the glasses are always kept in safe environment for protection purpose, Safety film helps in protecting by holding the broken glasses at a place and preventing it from causing harm. Our company Smart Glass India is the leading company that deals with all sorts of Smart Glass Windows like Lamination Glass Film, Smart Film, Smart glass and many more.


  • It has superior quality which provides best adhesion on the glass.
  • We have professional teams to deliver fast services.
  • There are various sizes, colours and custom shapes available.
  • These films can be used in retail stores, commercial offices, schools, universities, health care facilities ,government buildings etc.

  • It suffices the purpose of utmost safety and security.
  • It is beneficial as upgrading glasses with protection will provide avoidance of glazing replacements as this will help in ensuring more safety measures.
  • It collects broken pieces at a place and will help in preventing casualties.
  • It can be applied on toughened, annealed, laminated or float glass 

  • These films protects from breakage and any damages.
  • Helps increasing cooling efficiency and protects from harmful UV rays providing complete solar protection.
  • It has a very strong adhesion for bonding on a glass which last for years.
  • The film provide strength to the glass without changing the look of the window.
  • Custom sizes are available

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