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Glasses for your safety and security.

Safety is the primary concern everywhere. Therefore, we at Smart Glass India present safety glass for your safety and security everywhere. They can be ideally installed in residential and commercial buildings. Other than that, they are perfect to be applied in executive offices, conference room, hotels and restaurants. Safety glasses provided by us are increasingly installed in retail stores, healthcare and corporate interiors.

  • Safety : Normal float glass is brittle and breaks into big and small sharp pieces which can cause serious harm or injuries. Thus our safety glass absorbs the energy of the impact and resists penetration. If the glass falls from skylights or in case of any external damage, the glass may break but the pieces of the glass will remain firmly bonded with each other causing no casualties.
  • UV Resistant
  • Our safety glass helps in reduction of sound in both work and home environment.
  • Easy to install and can be edged or drilled.

  • They can be easily sanitised and cleaned thus you eliminate bacteria and harmful germs.
  • With Smart Glass India, you will get best Safety glasses with highest clarity guaranteed.
  • Shatter proof if broken
  • Available in custom sizes and colours
  • Blocks objects from falling out from a broken window glass.

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