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Grab the numerous advantages of smart film proffered by Smart Glass India with assured quality.


The self-adhesive smart film for windows and other glass surfaces has revolutionised the use of glasses. Especially, those available with Smart Glass India are of the finest quality and high-end reliability properties. These Smart Films can be conveniently applied to a freshly installed smooth glass or an existing one. It has an On/Off button that easily changes the film from frosted to transparent and vice-versa. In opaque state, the film provides security and privacy for partition, glass or window.

  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction with assured quality.
  • Available in multiple shapes, types, colours and sizes.
  • Quick delivery in short period of time.
  • Extremely fast response time from opaque state to clear state
  • Very less power consumption and no maintenance.
  • >99% UV radiation resistance
  • Replacement of Curtains and motorised blinds.

  • It consists of a LCD film aligning the microscopic crystals alongside numerous parallel axis.
  • Available in grey, white, blue and super clear colour.
  • Easy to operate with simple On/Off button or Remote.
  • You can easily apply it on a new or existing smooth glass surface.
  • All products proffered by us come with guaranteed client satisfaction giving complete value of money.
  • Maximum sheet size: 1.5 X 3Mtr/1 X 3Mtr.
  • Sound Insulation:>35db

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